Seagate Drive ... what now?

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08-12-2007 09:08:01

Okay, so I just read a review on Newegg about this drive, and I have the same problem

[quotea1d14cc084]Pros I have always like Seagate and have never had any problems with them before. I chose these over WD's 750 due to the better performance & lower power draw. I got 8 of these in Raid 5 w/ a 3ware 9650SE and get over 600MB/s writes and reads are a bit higher. WOW!!!

Cons I COULDNT BELIEVE WHAT SEVERAL PROGRAMS WERE REPORTING=> THE FIRST 5 I GOT WERE MODEL ST3500820AS; NOT ST3500320AS. NOTICE THE "8" INSTEAD OF "3". THAT MEANS ONLY 8MB CACHE, NOT 32MB. GOOGLE THAT MODEL AND YOU WILL SEE(AFTER GOOGLE TRANSLATES) THAT PEOPLE IN CHINA ARE GETTING THE SAME SWICH-A-ROO. At first, I read what people in China were saying-that for some reason, our computers were not able to read the firmware data correctly, BUT then I got the other 3 drives in. Hooked em up and my 3ware software says they are ST3500320AS. OH, I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION THAT THE LABEL/STICKER ON THE DRIVE SAYS THEY ALL ARE ST3500320AS.

Other Thoughts I still cant believe that Seagate can either Screw Up something as simple as putting the correct Label on the corresponding drive or Intentionally SCREW people over by selling a cheaper product for a more expensive one. They probably know that very few people would notice, which is Correct-no one else on Newegg has reported here and I KNOW OTHERS HAVE RECEIVED THE CHEAPER 8MB drive. Also, 2 drives keep causing my Raid controller software to BEEP Alarms saying that the power was disconnected, but I DIDNT Touch anything! I AM VERY TEMPTED TO RMA ALL 8 drives for refund, get the WDs and never look back. If it werent for the fact that I already transfered 800GB of data from my 7200.10s(which Im now using to rebuild a PC to sell), I wouldnt think twice about sending them back.[/quotea1d14cc084]

My model number label on the back on the hard drive shows ST3500320AS...however, the model number when viewing the properties on the computer...shows ST3500820AS

So basically, my hard drive was not the hard drive I was supposed to get, yet the label on the back says it was? So my hard drive doesn't have the 32 MB of cache that it claims to have? What do I do? Because apparently Seagate isn't fixing their mistake and making people pay for shipping/replacement fees or whatever.


But apparently there's a firmware update? So if I did that, would it fix it??
http// there data loss in the process of updating the firmware?


08-12-2007 11:47:33

I knew there was a reason I always bought WD....Good luck to you FOAFY.


08-12-2007 12:33:57

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08-12-2007 13:44:56

Is there data loss in the process of updating the firmware?