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05-12-2007 18:21:44

Hi everyone. I have a very odd problem. I have Bellsouth DSL service, and they had problems and the internet connection for people in the south was down for a while. I can connect to the internet, but only through the usb port. I cant use ethernet and make it work, and when it does work, it doesn't work for too long at all.

I can't connect my router either (d-link router, I have a westell modem). It is very frustrating because the bellsouth dsl support lines aren't working (18883212375). Can anyone here help me with this problem? It is very rediclous. I have been without internet for at least 2 days, and when it does work, it is only through usb, so I cant connect to xbox live with my router. Please, can anyone help. Thanks so much!


05-12-2007 18:29:43

If you can get to the internet via the modem's USB connection, then I can't see the problem being with your internet service. It's with your equipment or software. The connection from the modem out to the internet is the same regardless of which internal interface you use (USB or ethernet). So it could be any number of things

1. Modem configuration has changed or been factory-reset (DHCP, PPPoE, etc.).

2. Router configuration has changed or reset.

3. Ethernet port on PC, modem, or router has gone bad.

4. Other hardware failure of modem or router.

5. TSJ farted.

...etc. etc.


05-12-2007 18:48:18

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06-12-2007 02:20:02