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27-11-2007 21:29:20

I have a Chocolate now, hate it lmao.

What do you all think of the voyager, is it better than the iphone.

Does anyone know battery last of voyager???

Also, any good features?!


27-11-2007 22:10:17

I hated my chocolate too, I had to take it in for replacement 4 times until I called verizon to tell them to give me a new phone or I would cancel. I wanted a voyager but they wouldnt go for it, I did get a Moto Q though. I'm still trying to decide if I like it or not.


27-11-2007 22:13:12

I like the Voyager but everyone tells me that Verizon kind of sucks. I've heard their phones are very limiting and etc. The Voyager does look cool though. I'd get that if I were with Verizon.


27-11-2007 22:17:33

verizon announced today that they would allow any cdma phones to be used on their networks by late next year. I think that is just the beginning of them unlimiting their phones more and more. And at least here in CA, they have the best network, just the worst phones.


27-11-2007 22:18:49

yea well the service is the best i believe, butttttt phones are limiting, I AM ON MY 3rd CHOCLATE lmao... so obviously they suck, each time i go they replace with no questions ask and the battery sucks. but i think im gonna get the VOYAGER in July, maybe a 2nd version will be out.


30-11-2007 14:51:16

I feel the Voyager is a strong phone, however someone who obviously needs a good data device will know to go for a Treo or an HTC over the Voyager.
I feel that phone is geared towards people who merely want a phone with a full keyboard.
Unfortunately, all new phones with full keyboards are expensive.
From what I recall, the last regular priced keyboard phone was the LG F9100 on Cingular. All others with keyboards are built so expensive with flashy things like full browsers, enhanced cameras etc. I feel they lose a bit of market by doing this.
I think what companies need to do is make a few low end keyboard phones.