Cheap Wireless Fix for Ubuntu

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19-11-2007 13:16:35

I just got a new Dell Vostro (slim tower) b/c the thing was fairly cheap, and I wanted a machine to just run linux on or whatever I wanted at a given time w/out screwing up my laptop.

That being said, I have no good way to run ethernet cable to it. I'm looking for either a cheap USB adapter that will work w/ the latests Ubunutu out of the box, or with minimum configuration.

I've tried my damn fon as a bridge, but can't get the stupid thing to take to my network, so I've had it with that. If anyone knows of a good cheap adapter (I'm only about 15 feet away through 1 wall) that will work link me up please )


20-11-2007 17:43:20



20-11-2007 18:25:10




20-11-2007 18:44:08

guelah FTW!


20-11-2007 19:26:25

Those are great links, but I was actually looking for some first hand experience with stuff since I know a number of people here use ubuntu regularly.


20-11-2007 19:30:49

the second link is someone with first hand experience

Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Mac OS 10.4, liLinux Ubuntu Feisty

liTested to work by the author


20-11-2007 19:31:53

Yeah, but he doesn't give details on what adapter it actually is.


20-11-2007 19:37:53

I have lots of Ubuntu experience, unfortunately (for you, not for me) none with USB WiFi adapters. That said, wifi chipsets are fairly standard as well as USB interfaces. It shouldn't take much Googling or searching the Ubuntu Community Forum to learn which USB adapters are being used successfully.


21-11-2007 12:27:59

click here for the adapter[=http//]click here for the adapter

the same adapter from the link above for sale

about 16 bucks US

seems to be an overseas seller cd-r king, can't order online but maybe you can call them and order one over the phone?


21-11-2007 12:37:09

Impossible as it seems, I was able to get an old Microsoft USB WiFi adapter to work with Slackware Linux. None of this friendly package-installation wink It did take a lot of Googling and installing/tweaking though. I'm sure if a WiFi adapter is widely available on the market, chances are there's someone who would have tried to set it up on Linux.


21-11-2007 13:18:29

Yeah, these days modern distros work with just about anything off the shelf, although a few things still require some tweaking.


21-11-2007 17:11:28

No worries...I finally just decided to use my windows desktop that has a working wireless solution already, and run nat32 to enable me to run wired devices. I just have to have that machine running first.