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15-11-2007 17:50:44

How do you get decent traffic to a website?


15-11-2007 18:56:03

What sort of website? What kind of traffic? Are you looking for a conversion of some sort?

There are many things that can be done to the website itself via metatag manipulation, search engine submissions, adsense/adwords, and of course SEO (search engine optimization) the list goes on and on for ways.


15-11-2007 19:26:53

These are things that you need to pay for right? I am so stupid when it comes to this. lol


15-11-2007 20:11:06




15-11-2007 23:38:08

This might sound a bit naive, but I got "Search Engine Optimization for Dummies" out of my public library and learned a LOT. Definitely ranking well in Google is key, that's how you can get piles of traffic. There's a lot to learn about SEO, especially as Google's algorithm is constantly changing. I recommend hanging out at http// as there are a lot of knowledgeable people there. Also http//


16-11-2007 11:23:30

Thanks!!! D
+karma Jenny


16-11-2007 12:49:43

seomoz is by far an industry leader in SEO. Many hosting providers offer search engine submission as well, which helps speed up the crawling process. I always use 1 & 1 for my web site hosting and they have an awesome SEO Simple Submission tool!


16-11-2007 15:00:03

I have a lot of learning to do...


18-11-2007 20:05:37

Work on SEO. If you can't do that well... No ones going to reveal their secrets to you. If you work hard, read up Digital Point, you'll learn a few good tricks. I've been doing very well on several websites, and the trick is to stay at it. Btw, care to share your url? I Could provide some Critiques in regards to your on page SEO.


19-11-2007 10:28:52

While I agree with just about nothing KnightTrader posts at his libertarian forum, that site is a good example of a successful site in that it has original content, which is highly spiderable, and that the site fills a niche. KnightTrader is knowledgeable, and writes a lot about a topic he's interested in, which draws in readers, and traffic.


20-11-2007 03:31:58

Thanks everyone