Having spyware/adware problems

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14-11-2007 17:37:31

OK, so my computer has been infected with some spyware/adware/trojans and its starting to get really annoying.

I keep getting balloon pop-ups from the taskbar saying "Security Alert Spyware found" (and other silimar messages) and it says to click the balloon to download something to remove it. I also get the gray pop-up boxes with similar messages about having spyware and clicking "Yes" to download a program to remove it. These messages are now popping up every minute or so. I'm pretty sure these aren't legit warnings, but rather caused by the spyware thats in my computer.

I've run McAfee Security Center and scanned for viruses and such twice. I've also run Ad-aware 2007 twice and tried System Restore. I keep getting these spyware things though. I don't know what else to do.


14-11-2007 17:42:33


Follow their directions....It will take a while, but should do the trick....just take the time to do the whole thing, unless you don't mind formating and starting over......I've had the same issue.......This dealt w/ it.


14-11-2007 19:46:40

Spyware can get into your System Restore files. That's one way spyware can keep reappearing. If you disable System Restore, it will delete all of the restoration backups that it made. If you're willing to risk that, do that, then scan your system with Spybot and Ad-Aware in SAFE MODE -- (after system restore is diabled)


28-11-2007 13:22:13

The best thing to do is to run
this http//siri.urz.free.fr/Fix/SmitfraudFix_De.php

Its called SmitFraudFIX anytime i get and virus or spyware i run that program in SAFEMODE and it helps instantly.

also, you can try to use a program called HIJACKTHIS ... its very good if you know the virus name or the program it is associated with.

Also, downloading the NEW LAVASOFT FREE product cant hurt to do weekly checks with

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