Outlook VS Thunderbird (Dmorr)

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01-11-2007 14:34:43

Which do you prefer?
I'm currently using Outlook 2002.
This is mostly due to the fact that I use an 8525.

I just finished hooking up GMail to Outlook, however, I heard that it's much better on Thunderbird.

What do you guys think?
What are the Pros and cons?
Do you use both?


01-11-2007 16:41:12

never used Outlook except at work a few years ago. Thunderbird is good I just wish it's spam filter learnt faster


01-11-2007 17:04:55

How would I hook up my 8525 to outlook though?
And what are the key benefits to using one over the other?


01-11-2007 17:58:39

I use thunderbird.


01-11-2007 18:01:08

I've used Thunderbird for years and swear by it. It's 10x better than Outlook IMO. I only use Outlook for contacts & calendar because of the native support with Windows Mobile devices like my 8125. I really despise Outlook for any sort of e-mail use.

Windows Mobile supports syncing with Outlook natively, so I'm not sure why you'd ask how to integrate the two -- it just does it automatically. What are you trying to do?

On a slightly related note, I've been toying with setting up my own Funambol sync server both at home and at work. Funambol supports centralized syncing of all major e-mail clients (including Outlook, Thunderbird, Evolution, and Lotus Notes) and webmail hosts (including Gmail) as well as many mobile devices like cellphones and PDA's. It keeps all sources in sync, and you sync via the network (WiFi on a mobile device) or Bluetooth. So far I'm only having trouble getting Lotus Notes at work to sync, but everything else is working pretty smoothly.


01-11-2007 19:41:04

I know.
But I'm asking how to sync Thunderbird for email on my 8525.
Is it worth it to use Thunderbird for just email, and use outlook for syncing just contacts and tasks?

I just feel that using two programs that both can do is a bit excessive, but which is the best set up?
What makes Thunderbird a better email client?


01-11-2007 20:08:25

Well, you did say
[quotea264c69c69="samz465"]How would I hook up my 8525 to outlook though?[/quotea264c69c69]
which is why I asked about Outlook.

Outlook is a slow and bloated piece of Microcrap, totally overkill for internet e-mail, it's much more prone to exploit and insecurity, and it doesn't use open standard data formats like TBird -- it still uses those stupid proprietary mail files and "Personal folders." Plus TBird is a Mozilla product, and I will always support Mozilla and other open source tools before a commercial product, especially one from Microsoft, unless there is no alternative.

The only reason I hang on to Outlook is for the aforementioned contacts/calendar/notes syncing with Windows Mobile. As soon as I either get my Funambol server going smoothly, or the long-anticipated Thunderbird/Sunbird sync utility is ready, I'll probably ditch Outlook completely.


01-11-2007 21:02:13

I just recently found out about something called "birdie sync" for PDA's.
Have you heard of this before?


02-11-2007 10:13:44

[quote7a18f29194="samz465"]I just recently found out about something called "birdie sync" for PDA's.
Have you heard of this before?[/quote7a18f29194]
Yes I have, but it isn't free. Not that it's a big deal, I buy a lot of software that I find useful, but I'm not keen on paying for a solution to sync a free/OSS product.


02-11-2007 15:26:49

Ok, I just installed Thunderbird and I'm currently using it.
I like it because it's more user friendly and simplistic.

However, I have a few questions
What are some good extensions to get?
I just downloaded lightening so I can have a Tasks and Calender option. How do I import my Calendar stuff into Lightning?
I tried to do i with the regular File>Import/Export however I have recurring appointments so it won't work.
Also, How do I import my old Tasks?

The help is much appreciated.


02-11-2007 16:59:25

Minimize to Tray is a must
and i have Delete Junk Context Menu

anyone tried http//synchingthunder.sourceforge.net/
it's mentioned here http//kb.mozillazine.org/Synchronizing_mail_on_two_computers_%28Thunderbird%29


02-11-2007 18:25:26

Ok...I just got Minimize to tray and ThunderBrowse.
I'm still getting a little used to the layout.

Now I'm hooking up thunderbird to my 8525.
I just found a program called FinchSync. But first I'm gonna try out BirdieSync and see how that runs.


02-11-2007 20:25:15

I've heard of FinchSync now that you mention it -- obviously from the name, either it or BirdieSync is playing off the other's name. But I've not tried it. If you find it works well, I might have to give it a shot, especially if it supports standalone Sunbird. I don't sync e-mail, all I care about is calendar/contacts/notes.


03-11-2007 13:35:17

Still trying to get my contacts and everything synced to my phone.
Unfortunately it duplicated my contacts instead of wiping out the old ones and replaced them with the new ones. So that's one thing I have to fix.
Another problem I'm having is that it isn't allowing me to send messages yet via my TheFreeSpree email accounts.
I'm going to call my hosting company and see what they say.
My settings in Outlook are the same as Thunderbird so I don't see why it wouldn't work.
I just want to double check that I'm putting all the information in the correct spots.

Once I get those things cleared up, I'll try FinchSync and compare it to Birdie, and see how well things go.

Also I use Lightning not Sunbird, but I still think the syncing should be ok...


04-11-2007 20:34:34

Finally got everything synced!
I'm very happy with it so far.
Hopefully everything will go smoothly.
It even syncs all my emails. That was one issue I had with Outlook + Activesync.
Thanks guys!

Thunderbird FTW.


10-11-2007 11:17:56

So my trial ended, and I'm not ready to cough up $30 for a syncing software.
I'm going to try to hook up Finch Sync now.
Lets see how that one goes.
I'll report my results once I get everything configured.

If only Birdiesync was free...


15-11-2007 08:18:48

So...I wasn't too happy with Finchsync. It wasn't all that.

What I'm going to try to configure now is Funambol.
I don't have much experience with this sort of stuff so I'm going to read up about it and try to get it working. Hopefully it comes through.

If someone could help me with this I'd greatly appreciate it.
Thank you.


15-11-2007 10:47:46

learned a lesson yesterday? compact your TB mailboxes every now and then. i never had and my mailbox grew to about 250MB and although it worked fine one day, the next day it couldn't open it. i finally had to open the file in notepad and remove some junk before i could even compact it in TB to get it fully working again. (and it shrunk to less than 50 MB)


05-12-2007 21:42:24

Damn... I got no where with any of this.
I guess I'll just end up buying BirdieSync since it was the only thing that actually worked for me.

I spent the last month posting all over asking people, but nobody knew.
I'm surprised this question hasn't been answered before. I'd think a lot of people would be using Windows Mobile with Thunderbird.

Oh well.


06-12-2007 08:29:30

Funambol works with TBird, but it's not for casual users who aren't comfortable running & admining servers. However there are internet Funambol servers you can subscribe too, so all you have to do is run the client on your device and point it to an internet server.


06-12-2007 14:07:52

I ended up just downloading xpressmail.
It seems good especially since it offers push.
The downside is that I am currently using Outlook to sync my Datebook, tasks, and contacts.
Also, Xpressmail does not allow me to use more than one email, unless I'm missing something.