Have problem with a new printer

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29-10-2007 14:38:42

Okay so i got this epson printer/scanner.

Hooked it up, installed, etc. Printed, scanned. Perfect.

I go back today to print something, and it says it can't find the printer. Now, i didn't do anything to my printer or computer (macbook pro), so i am really confused. It asks me to select my model of printer, but low and behold, my model is not there.

Any suggestions? I already tried re-installing the driver, but maybe i didn't delete it right.

Please help )



29-10-2007 14:40:45

reboot? Power the printer down and then back up?

Uninstall the printer and then reboot and reinstall...

But if you can't figure it out just call up their support line.


29-10-2007 14:44:57

make sure your connection from your laptop to your printer is sound. I'd unplug the printer from your computer, plug it back in, reboot the computer and printer and then try it again. If it still doesn't recognize it, I would removed the drivers and software and then reinstall them.