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24-10-2007 19:36:50

Can anyone help me find the best video card for under $100 dollars? I got Portal for the PC and I would very much like to play it. )

I'm thinking about buying this one ---


But then again I know nothing about video cards. Should I go with that or is there a better deal out there? Thanks guys. D


24-10-2007 19:49:35

Well first of all babe, is your system PCI-E or AGP?


24-10-2007 20:13:43

PCI-E X16 sir.


24-10-2007 20:24:08

I've seen some 8600GT at around $99. There's one for $85AR but it has bad reviews.


I would pay $20-30 more and get a 8600GTS. There's some decent AR deals at newegg.


24-10-2007 21:22:39

I was seriously considering this card at a point before i decided to go all out with the 8800. but this is 129 and 109 after mail-in rebate. and you get a free company of heroes game with it (which you can sell if you dont want to lower the price of the card more...check it out