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21-10-2007 08:48:32

Anyone else not able to sign in to their Yahoo Mail account?


21-10-2007 09:13:35

I just tried and was able to log in. Do you have a .comurl==http://=http:///url yahoo mail account or one from another country? Sometimes, the foreign ones have trouble even if the .comurl==http://=http:///url ones work fine.


21-10-2007 19:06:58

Nah it's a .comurl==http://=http:///url account. It's working now, but wouldn't work at all this afternoon.


21-10-2007 21:55:18

anyone else think the Yahoo Mail Beta (still in beta after god knows how long...) is a giant turd? I finally switched back to the old style, after enough times of it messing up (mostly in IE).


21-10-2007 23:49:52

I kinda like it.

It's not in Beta anymore, at least they've taken the word beta out of their logo.


22-10-2007 07:12:11

it's not beta anymore. Walt Mossberg reviewed Yahoo Mail to be better than Gmail on the day they moved it from beta to live.