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19-10-2007 07:10:38

For some reason today my computer will not let me view a certain amount of sites like paypal etc. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this and could help me out. Thanks


19-10-2007 07:25:12

That's really weird. What browser are you using? Have you tried clearing cookies and temporary internet files, then closing your browser and reopening it? If that doesn't work, I might would try restarting your computer.


19-10-2007 07:34:46

That is pretty wierd. I would deffinataly do what jeagle mentioned. Vista has so much security with it. (sometimes so much security it won't allow itself to run, lol). If you are using I.E., I would try to install Firefox and see if you can get to those sites. If you can, and want IE, maybe try a reinstall of it.

Did you recently have any updates applied or anything like that?


19-10-2007 07:35:45

I am using firefox and windows XP


19-10-2007 07:46:45

Clear your cache.

Run a full clean, and then um, see if it works. )


19-10-2007 10:08:46

ok thanks Ill try that