Changing GPU in laptop.

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16-10-2007 15:16:12

Hey, in my ASUS G1S, is it possible to replace my GPU with a newer one? It's currently running on a Geforce 8600M GT on a PCI-Express x16 slot, at least that's what CPU-Z told me. I wanted to know if it's possible to upgrade to the Geforce 8700M GT, and if I can, how, and where can I purchase the mobile GPU? I've seen some sites saying that you can do it.

Thanks! D


16-10-2007 16:33:30

Generally, no laptop GPU's and CPU's are typically not intended for user replacement, as the components are designed specifically around each laptop model.

However, depending on model, there might be some limited possibilities. You may be in luck with an ASUS, since they and Alienware both have dabbled in upgradeable GPU's in the past. However neither proposed standard ever took off and were expensive compared to commodity desktop parts. There's just basically no market for it -- serious gamers don't use laptops, and the upgradeable GPU market is aimed at serious gamers. So I'm not sure what options you might have. The quickest way to find out is to contact ASUS and ask them.


16-10-2007 16:51:56


The 8700M has a huge improvement over the 8600M. There's a Toshiba laptop that has it, but is it possible to buy it, anywhere?


16-10-2007 17:00:13

I just answered my question. Apparently that GPU can only be used in 17" notebooks. Dammit. lol. I hate running bioshock @ max settings only on 800x600. But hey, at least I can play at max settings with DX10 enabled. )


16-10-2007 19:19:57

Oy, see... BioShock is not a good candidate for notebook gaming. We tried to tell you this when you were notebook shopping, and you said you didn't care about serious gaming. BioShock is about as serious as they come nowadays, with regards to horsepower requirements. Should've gone with a cheap laptop and a good gaming rig for the same money, as I tell most people.


16-10-2007 21:59:11

I didn't want a new desktop though, parents didn't want me to get one, lol.


17-10-2007 05:43:01

Fair enough, but then don't expect your laptop to play the latest games. ;)


17-10-2007 05:58:07

Just be happy with what you have and stop fucking with it because sooner or later you're gonna break it.


17-10-2007 09:24:34

^??? What do you mean? I haven't opened it voids the warranty, lol.


17-10-2007 09:29:41

[quote1354dcd17a="TFOAF"]^??? What do you mean? I haven't opened it voids the warranty, lol.[/quote1354dcd17a]

sorry wasn't in the best mood this morning.