Vista problem - slow boot up and control panel gone...

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16-10-2007 08:01:50

The slow boot up started Saturday morning, it's taking over 10 minutes.

I tried to go into the control panel to do a restore, but the standard control panel window would not pop up. at one point it said there were no items to display.

i am able to see all the items in the control panel and use those features using the start button. i'm at work right now, so i can't include pictures. hopefully someone with vista knows what i'm talking about.

a couple of quick questions
1. has anyone else ever lost their control panel
I did google the problem and it doesn't look to be an uncommon problem

2. is there a way to override the restore points and go back further than what vista is allowing me to? i don't want to create a new point, i want to go back to last thursday or friday (right now the earliest point is saturday morning.



28-11-2007 13:27:56

It really depends on the whole system you get with visit,
I got a toshiba with vista and it works great... lots of problems associated with vista is people have no idea what ram is and do not understand vista needs a LOT

My laptop (Toshiba Satilite)
250 GB HD