Ahahah. I successfully owned mobile WAP game site. :D

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12-10-2007 09:29:25

Alright, so for years I've been trying to find out how to get a certain game on my phone. And they finally released it. However, the only way I could download it was through the manufacturer's website, and it had to be downloaded through WAP on the phone. I don't have internet service on my phone, so that's impossible. Now, I found a UK site which after buying the game ONLINE, they would send you the WAP link to put in your phone. So I buy it. Now if you put the WAP link in your browser, it says, "sorry, this phone is not the Nokia 6133."

However! I got a firefox plugin called User-Agent Switcher, and some guy on Nokia's Forums told me the user agent information of the Nokia 6133, so I put that in, and I put the WAP link in my browser, and voila. I can download a .JADurl==http://=http:///url file. So I open the file up in Wordpad, and it contains the link information for the .jarurl==http://=http:///url file. I put that in my browser, and ... voila. Jar file successfully downloaded. So I transferred it via bluetooth to my phone, and GREAT SUCCESS. D


12-10-2007 10:25:17

Oh Foafy - you are so tricky.


12-10-2007 11:09:40

wut game


12-10-2007 11:51:09

GG. You are now teh ultimate haxx0r.


12-10-2007 13:28:24

Wow, what game was worth all of that drama?


12-10-2007 18:08:43

[quote633bb826df="JOSHBOX"]wut game[/quote633bb826df]
Block Breaker Deluxe.


12-10-2007 19:08:12


I had that game on my old cell phone. It's pretty fun but it's really easy to beat.