May be an obvious fix

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10-10-2007 20:06:37

I use a Macbook Pro at home (cox high speed internet connection) and I cannot get any of the I-deal direct sites to open here.

At work (Dell, Att High Speed) they open just fine. I brought home my Dell laptop and tried to access the site through it, but still cannot. The "cannot connect to server" message appears.

I've turned of virus protection, cleared cache and cookies, and even temporarily disabled my firewall, but still nothing.

Work, with everything turned on, accesses just fine.
Home, with no protection, cannot log into these type sites.

Any ideas?


10-10-2007 20:12:38

Maybe your IP is blacklisted by their host? That happens sometimes due to DDOS attack bots. Try resetting your cable modem or whatever you have to do to get another IP.

Or you could have a DNS issue with your ISP.

Do you use a router between your modem and PC? If so, try eliminating the router by plugging the modem into the PC directly if you can.


10-10-2007 22:17:38

Will do Dmorris,

We use a wireless router, but it's in my kids room, so I will try the suggestions tomorrow morning and post what I find out.

Thanks for the help.