Wii problem...

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02-10-2007 22:34:13

I went to play my Wii tonight, and a problem came up. I got it turned on and everything was going fine. I took my Wiimote out of the charger, and hit A. The buttons on bottom lights started flashing like normal, but it wont connect. I have a 2nd Wiimote, but I let my brother borrow it and I don't have it back yet. The charger was lit up, so it should be fully charged. Has anybody had this problem, or know how to fix? roll


02-10-2007 23:21:08

unplug the wii and then plug it back in, problem solved.


03-10-2007 04:27:18

On the Wii, open the little door thing where you can put an SD card, and push and hold the red button. While doing that, ALSO on your Wii REMOTE, remove the battery cover, and push and hold the red button. So the lights should blink and the remotes should make contact with the console again.