These are some nasty Mofo's.

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29-09-2007 15:54:35

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These things blow the crap out of everything. This kid on the first floor in my dorm building got these 2.1 speakers, and he put them not even on max, and holy shit...people's rooms on the fourth floor were shaking. They're incredible.

I think I might get me one of those babies. D

And for the price? It's awesome. Best Buy is a ripoff and sells them for $150, where Amazon sells them for < $100.


29-09-2007 18:05:35

Yea I've been looking at those for a couple of weeks now. They're pretty highly reviewed on a lot of sites. has them for 90. (I've bought a laptop and a couple other items from them. they're legit). They were 80 on provantage a week ago, guess they went up.


29-09-2007 18:11:01

Logitech makes very good PC speakers. Their lower-end stuff is about the best you can buy for the money, IMO. I've got a set of 5.1 Z640's I've had for years now that cost me like $49 on sale, and they still shake the room with gaming and music. If/when they die, I'll almost certainly buy another set of Logitechs.


29-09-2007 20:41:12

I personally like my Klipsh 2.1's that I got a while back, but that's just me.


29-09-2007 21:28:04

[quote593a6f9c38="ILoveToys"]I personally like my Klipsh 2.1's that I got a while back, but that's just me.[/quote593a6f9c38]
Klipsch are very nice too. The original Klipsch 5.1's were MaximumPC's #1 rated high-end PC speakers for many years. However they were finally dethroned by... a Logitech set. ;)


30-09-2007 00:11:04

I've always wanted some Logitech speakers, but was waiting for a good deal on some 5.1s...maybe closer to Christmas wink Right now I have 2.1 Altec Lansings

I've always been a Logitech fan. I've got a wireless keyboard and MX Revolution mouse )