Firefox is dead to me.....

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21-09-2007 16:40:24

I updated Firefox, now nothing will load but IE works fine. This is apparently a big problem as firefox has a whole page dedicated to tips to help you out. But no dice.

It wasnt my IPv6 config.
It wasnt my DNS messing up.
It is Firefox. Period.

Anyone know any other fixes or perhaps a better browser than IE?


21-09-2007 17:35:32

upgrade to Maxthon (


16-10-2007 15:26:17

maxthon is still around? lol

netscape would be my alternative to firefox


16-10-2007 16:29:26

If I were you I'd be more interested in troubleshooting Firefox. I run it on numerous Windows and Linux machines without a problem, and have for years, plus I know a lot of others. So it can't be THAT common of a problem.

I can't honestly recommend any other browser to Firefox, although a lot of folks like Opera. I don't particularly care for it, nor do I like the Netscape suite (which is really not much more than a bloated version of Firefox). Development has diverged in recent years, but they're both still based on the same original Gecko engine.