Converting DVDs to iPod Touch / iPhone format

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20-09-2007 20:19:38

Hi, I am trying to convert my dvds to 480x320 mp4's to work on my ipod touch. I have downloaded the Xilisoft DVD ripper which seems like a great tool, however none of my movies will load up on my ipod and they are about 1.2-1.3gbs for a 2 hour movie. Any advice?


20-09-2007 20:52:21


I use it for watching shows on my 80GB Video iPod but I don't rip from DVD, they're already in .avi,url==http://=http:///url .mpg.,url==http://=http:///url wmv etc. Takes me about 25 minutes to convert a 700MB file.


21-09-2007 07:10:25

Yep, Videora is one of the best. Can be a little slow when converting a 1+ GB movie to .mp4url==http://=http:///url format, but it does it very well, and even gives you options as to how much you want to compress it. It optimizes movies for any iPod Video and probably the iPhone (haven't tried it since getting the iPhone).


21-09-2007 08:24:23

Also with Videora, you can queue a bunch of files and just leave it running overnight when you're sleeping.


21-09-2007 08:28:57

Videora is the best -- it is what I used for my 360 conversions -- then it started to act up and wouldn't convert anything so I got something else.


21-09-2007 08:34:47

What'd you switch to? Find anything that rivals Videora?


21-09-2007 09:09:36

I couldn't tell you at the moment -- I am not at my home PC. It is slower than Videora but still allows you to Queue up movies.


21-09-2007 12:41:58

Hmm... Did you try uninstalling Videora and reinstalling it and see if that took care of the issues you had with it?


21-09-2007 13:26:49

One I liked that can convert your dvds straight to the ipod format (although i don't know if it's been updated for itouch/iphone) is Handbrake


21-09-2007 15:59:19

No it kept telling me it couldn't open the mp4 file it was converting it to so I am using Xilisoft Video Converter 3