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19-09-2007 13:55:42

I'm not really up on my php, so I figured I'd check here for some help. Can anyone point me in the right direction for the following?

Pretty much I have an asp site. There are a bunch of input boxes. I need to put information in a two of the input boxes and hit submit. However, I have to do this with about 1500 different "accounts", so I need a script to do this.

I don't need step by step instructions, but if someone could point me to a website that explains this pretty well, I would appreciate it.


19-09-2007 14:30:35

http// Trust me, its the bible for PHP (For obvious reasons)
or try the #php room on


19-09-2007 15:03:10

That far, I could have gotten on my own... ;)

I'm not really sure of the topic I should be looking for to do this kind of thing.


19-09-2007 16:03:55

What is the form method, GET or POST? If it's a form setup for GET, you simply build a URL string with the form parameters in it. You can script this to be called multiple times. If it's a POST-only form, it's a little more work, but can still be done, you just add the values to the request header. Either way, you're not actually using the form on the form page itself, you're just automating the form action by calling a URL with the form parameters either embedded in the URL (for GET) or in the request header (for POST).

That enough to get you going?


19-09-2007 16:21:19

Yeah, that definitely helped. It's a POST method. Do you know what this would be called, so I could google it and see if I can find so example code? Is it "form processing"?

Also, how would I know what the request header involves?

Thank you by the way.


19-09-2007 16:29:59


If you have the cURL API available (and most PHP implementations do), that's usually a preferred approach.