HDMI cables?

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19-09-2007 08:10:43

When it comes to tv's I know barely anything. I'm selling my plasma on eBay and someone wants to know if it comes with the HDMI cable already included. I don't think so, but when I started to think about it I found that I have no idea what that is. I'm sure you know dmorris, help me out...

Basically, what is it used for and why would you need it. Also if you can throw in anything else to give me a quick lesson on HD-TV's that would be much, much appreciated. I feel that if I'm selling it, I might as well learn it.


19-09-2007 08:12:14

www.monoprice.com for all your cable needs

The tv doesn't come with any of that stuff

hdmi cables provide a excellent picture! Almost all newer dvd players come with hdmi hook ups..

dvi --> hdmi cables are used with some cable boxes

it's also used for the xbox360 etc.

to my lcd i'm running 1080P upconverted, looks real nice


19-09-2007 08:42:07

+kma dude, so the big ass connection cord that comes with the xbox 360 is an HDMI cable? that makes a lot sense, I'm going to go read up so more, I feel like I should have known this stuff.


19-09-2007 10:39:14

only if you have an Elite. other 360s don't support HDMI.


21-09-2007 08:39:48

Basically there are 2 main ways to connect an HD source to an HD monitor/HDTV... Component cables or an HDMI cable. Component cables typically carry video over 3 cables (red, green and blue) and have two stereo audio (red and white). You can receive up to 1080p resolution over component (as long as the monitor or TV supports it).

Many people prefer HDMI, however, because it provides the video and audio source over just one single cable (less clutter) and it can also carry 1080p resolution. An HDMI cable almost looks like a usb at the end, except it's not a perfect rectangular piece. Instead it is flat on one end and curves out on the other... almost like a D shape, but thinner.

Monoprice.com is DEFINITELY the place to buy any type of video/audio cables, for they are the best prices and they don't sacrifice quality. They ship out fairly quick as well.

Don't let anybody dupe you into buying a $100 HDMI Monster brand cable. These are a total rip-off, and will not provide hardly any better PQ than a $6 HDMI cable from monoprice.



21-09-2007 09:36:08

jeagle82 - Wow, that was exactly what I was going for, +kma, I was reading a lot and I pretty much grasped all of that, but thanks for posting anyways o


21-09-2007 12:41:15

Thanks for the Karma. Glad I could help a little. Just post back here if you have any other questions about anything HDTV. )