Which computer is best

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18-09-2007 13:12:17

Sorry another "whats best" thread. I'm gonna start a laptop site that doesn't have ref's, and all the below are 10 offers. I was just curious what one to go for, these are the only specs given....

17" screen
1GB RAM / 40 GB Hard Drive
DVD Burner

1GB RAM / 100 GB Hard Drive
LightScribe DVD Burner

2.2 GHz Processor
512MB RAM / 60 GB Hard Drive
Windows Media Center XP

17" screen
512MB RAM / 100 GB Hard Drive
DVD Burner

Then theres another site with Toshiba, HP, Sony and Dell, but no specs. I'm no tech stud, so I really don't know the major differences between them. I just need one for casual surfing the net, and poker play. No hardcore gaming or anything like that. I've heard Toshiba has some of the best laptops around, and I want the best bang for my buck, so I'm not too sure. Thoughts?


18-09-2007 13:16:45

lmao. Well, why don't you give us ALL the specifications of each computer. Only giving us portions of each one...won't do much good.


18-09-2007 13:25:44

Well, these are the sites. Only few specs are given...





18-09-2007 13:30:46

Um, lol. I don't mean to be rude or anything...but like, those sites really won't help us. Do you have model numbers?


18-09-2007 13:35:27

Toshiba hands down.


18-09-2007 16:43:52

I agree that, brand-wise, I'd prefer Toshiba over the others, but without more specs it's hard to say for sure. The Compaq you list has much better specs than all the others, but none have CPU listed so it could be a weaker CPU than the others. A 40GB drive is almost useless nowadays, or will be soon after you start using it, but I also consider 1GB a minimum, especially if they come with Vista as I'm sure they will.

The ShoppersSavingCenter notebooks are pretty low-end, $500 or so models. At that price-point, it's hard to really recommend one over another, but between the 4 you listed I'd probably settle for whichever Toshiba had the better CPU and be prepared to upgrade either RAM or HDD when I got it.