Registering my 360 on my school

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05-09-2007 13:54:35

Alright fellas,

Basically what i need to do is register my 360 on my school network so that I can have internet access so that I can play live.

All I need to register it is the mac address for the system although I cant find it. I did it last year but I am having trouble finding it now.

Anyone know where i can find it? I went into the dashboard but it didnt have it.




05-09-2007 13:56:40


?? google gave me a lot of hits


05-09-2007 14:26:49

Strange. It's cool. My school has a webpage to set up consoles. D

We also made our dorm wireless so it's even better.


05-09-2007 14:29:37

my whole campus was wireless

But in order to get a console online you would have to contact IT to do it.

Because in order to get computers online you had to register your mac address etc and account and blah blah blah

when I kept getting limited... i just spoofed my mac lol... took about a year to start caring about that... twisted


05-09-2007 16:28:54

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it worked.

Thanks GLENNN !!!


05-09-2007 16:30:04



05-09-2007 17:18:34

I just had to call, give them the MAC Address, and 10 minutes to get it registered onto the IU network.