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03-09-2007 12:38:04

I have an old, 32" or so SDTV in my room and we recently got Dish network service for the downstairs cables, too. In order to use the service down there though, the TV's have to be set to channel 73. Thing is, my TV only goes up to channel 69. Is it possible to get to 73?



04-09-2007 09:02:20

Hmmm... interesting. On your TV remote, what happens if you enter 73 into it?

If that doesn't work, then you might have to call Dish and let them know about your problem and see if they can set it to a different channel.


04-09-2007 15:34:27

I'm pretty sure you can change the channel it outputs to for the 2nd TV. If you have DVR 625 I'm fairly sure of it, as I just got the same receiver.


04-09-2007 17:53:38

I think you either have to scan the channels or go to the menu and change an option that says cable/tv to cable.


07-09-2007 13:38:05

Thanks for the replies but I figured it out. Turns out my TV had a manual input stashed away in the menu.

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