Amplifier for Cable TV

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03-09-2007 08:42:31

I'm in a apartment complex that's prewired for cable and standard cable is actually included in the rent. The problem is that I've upgraded to digital and the strength through the lines is weak because the wiring is poor, it's split many times, etc. therefore the HD picture is blotchy or it takes 2 minutes for the picture to load when you change the channel.

I've talked to comcast about it and besides giving me a free week or 2 when it gets real bad, they just say it's not their problem it's the apartment building.

So to take this into my own hand I was thinking about buying an amplifier, but I know nothing about them. Is there something I should be looking for when a buy one? The one thing that I did pick up was that in needs to allow for 2 way communication so On Demand.

Any help would be great


03-09-2007 08:44:06

amplifying wont help too much unless you amplify at the source or somewhere inbetween, try talking your appt into rewiring for cable.