usb flash drive-folder synchronizing software

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02-09-2007 17:22:25

I am looking for software that will automatically synchronize lets say my documents folder with a corresponding folder on my flash drive.

Does anyone know of a program that can do this?


02-09-2007 19:41:02

There are several, both free and commercial. The one I use the most on Windows is SyncToy[=http//]SyncToy, it's a free utility by Microsoft.

Another I use is JFileSync[=http//]JFileSync, because it's written in Java and runs on my Linux boxes as well, with a server mode to sync across a network connection. A bit overkill for routine use though, so I stick with SyncToy for the simple stuff.


03-09-2007 20:15:10

I've used alwaysync - http// with great success. I think it was a DMo suggestion. It's one of the few shareware softwares that I've purchased to support the developer.