What's that thing called kind of like a dropdown?

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30-08-2007 22:30:52

Where you click on a link usually with a plus next to it, and when you click on it information comes up underneath it. Then if you click it again it hides away again. I need to use it but I forgot what it's called.


30-08-2007 22:36:13

expand and collapse?


30-08-2007 23:12:11

Yeah that, thanks +karma


31-08-2007 12:11:06

that's not the technical term but i forget what is, so..... maybe "node"?


31-08-2007 12:11:28

It has a name. It's a tree or a node-tree.


31-08-2007 12:21:46

Yeah, the GUI control itself is typically called a "tree" or "tree view" control. The individual elements or branches of the tree are called "nodes." When a node has child nodes, it's called a parent node, and you click the parent node (or a plus sign or other icon next to it) in order to expand or collapse the child node list.


01-09-2007 13:18:26

I hate javascript, so I guess I won't be using this anyways...