Mouse Not Working After Update?

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29-08-2007 23:49:06

My Logitech webcam had an update via Windows update this evening. Downloaded, installed and restarted only for my Logitech mouse to not work at all.

First thing I checked was the batteries, they're fine. Tried ending any webcam software processes to no avail, restarted a few times and nothing and I also checked the Logitech forums that gave me nothing either.

I'm going to ask them tomorrow after I try Safe Mode, but it's late so I'm not doing it tonight.

Any ideas in the interim?


30-08-2007 05:58:49

Reinstall the SetPoint software?


30-08-2007 09:25:25

I booted up in Safe Mode and it worked, restarted in normal mode and it now works.

Thanks though.