How do I use my 360 controller on my computer?

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25-08-2007 20:43:13

I want to play Madden 08 on my PC, I have a 360 controller, can I use this?


25-08-2007 21:21:57

If it's a corded controller. I think you can just plug it in, but I might be wrong. I know it worked fine for me w/ my Guitar Hero guitar to play frets on fire...


25-08-2007 21:48:29

You will probably need to download 360 drivers for your computer ... this is what I found


I have not really tried them, though. Hopefully they work.


25-08-2007 23:06:31

It won't boot on my pc, says not a valid application and I DL'ed the 32 bit version. I'll keep looking or just pick up a cheap controller tomorrow from walmart.


26-08-2007 11:11:44

Microsoft makes a 360 controller for the PC, but with the drivers from Windows Update, the 360 wired version is reported to work.

They also make a wireless adapter for the PC to use the wireless 360 controllers, but I've heard some pretty poor reviews. It's buggy and is incompatible with Logitech devices (mice and/or keyboards).


26-08-2007 15:49:58

Thanks, I'm just gonna pick up a cheap controller from walmart, I'll save the hassle.