Skype wifi Phone - which to get

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22-08-2007 07:39:55

I am looking into buying a skype WIFI phone.

I am one of those people that have not even joined the cell phone society, so lets get that out of the way before you ask. I have been browsing around and the reviews in general are good except I am seeing many people cannot get the battery to last beyond one hour of talking.

If any of you have experience or suggestions let me know what brand, model etc to look at.



22-08-2007 07:56:35

goto and they have it login and put in the number and then it will call you and my battery last for 14 hours b4 it dies so go and get a exchange


22-08-2007 08:23:14

Please post questions like this in the T-T-T-Tech Yourself forum. Thanks,.