DLP vs LCD vs Plasma. HELP!!!

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21-08-2007 18:50:07

Can someone please direct me to a RECENT article comparing the pros and cons of these high-end televisions. The most recent articles I've found are 3 years old and the technology has changed so much that the articles aren't worth anything. Help! Please!

Edit This purchase will be used in an HTPC setup so it will double as a computer monitor. Any suggestions?


22-08-2007 07:06:56

Here's a CNet.com article that was written in 2003, but was updated a couple of days ago, literally


Very good info in there! )

To put my 2 cents in, DLP, Rear-Projection LCD, Plasma and Flat-Panel LCD all have their pros and cons. I think your decision should not be based on anyone else's opinion, rather on which technology will meet your needs best with the money that you are looking to spend.

For example, if you are on a budget, but want a bigger TV for your main entertainment room, then a nice size DLP rear-projection TV might be best for you (I suggest any of the Samsung DLP TVs... very nice picture despite some inherent flaws with DLP technology).

If you are not on a tight budget at all, then you are not limited by money and should ask yourself if wall-mounting the TV is vital in your proposed set-up. If it is, then your choice is between Plasma and flat-panel LCD TVs.

Plasmas used to have the edge on LCDs in bigger screen sizes (42" and up), however LCD technology has come a long way, and since the advent 1080p, some argue LCD has even surpassed Plasma technology (though Plasmas still have some benefits over LCD in my opinion)

Anyways, I'll stop rambling and let you get on to the CNet article, b/c I will just be repeating what they say. Just keep in mind while reading this that each of these technologies is a step up from any standard-def TV you have now, and in choosing, ultimately buy one that fits your needs, not your ego.