Limited Accounts under XP

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20-08-2007 22:04:46

this is really frustrating. i develop PC software and i had previously tested my program under Limited accounts and even the Guest account and had no problems at all. now testing again however, my program is unable to even update settings files in it's directory, under limited accounts. searching through my email history i had a user reporting this same problem and same error messages (path/file access error) and i see in my reply to him that i even ran more tests and couldn't reproduce it.

i created a very simple test program to read/write text files and it has the same issue. i don't deal with Limited accounts on a regular basis because i don't share my computer with anyone, and i don't undersatand how, if Limited accounts are dso limited, everything worked just fine before.

being unable to update settings files would make just about any program break, and i know not all save all their settings in a My Docs subfolder, so what am i missing here? i'm really confused.