Question about speakers for a Dell 2007WFP

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20-08-2007 21:50:08

I am gonna connect my Wii to my 2007WFP LCD monitor and was wondering if there was a way to have the sound come out from my laptop speakers or computer speakers.

I'm connecting it via S-Video btw.


21-08-2007 07:05:09

I just did this with my xbox 360 (vga adapter). Hook speakers up to something, lappy or computer, and purchase [b7f542343a8]this[=http//]this[/b7f542343a8] and two of [b7f542343a8] these [=http//] these [/b7f542343a8] and hook them up to your computer in the "line in" or "microphone" jacks. Go into the volume controls (assuming windows, start > run > sndvol32) and go "Options" > "Properties" make sure your sound card is selected in the drop down, select "Playback" and make sure "Microphone" and "Line In" and... might as well put checks in all of them if you don't know exactly which one you are using. Click OK and unmute the microphone/line in/aux

Hook the wii sound up to the 2 couplers (red-red and white-black, reverse if your the sound is backwards) and viola. You should be good to go.


21-08-2007 09:08:12

Thanks Fugger, I appreciate it. I just ordered those adapters.