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07-08-2007 19:20:05

I have a 40,000 row spreadsheet, and I am trying to rename some cells quickly. What I need to be able to do is, find all slides with the word broadband in it, (i.e. "broadband home systems" "business broadband systems") and rename it "broadband".

Thanks for any help anyone here can provide.


07-08-2007 19:34:28

I might be confused by the question, but would "find and replace" do it? see if ctrl+f does what you're looking for.


07-08-2007 19:38:00

no, because that will not replace the whole cell, just the word searched.


07-08-2007 19:48:59

Enter "libroadbandli" (without the quotes... so enter broadband with an asterisk before and after the word) in the FIND section of Find/Replace, and then just enter "broadband" (again, without quotes) in the replace section.



07-08-2007 19:56:36

thanks, +kma