The Nokia 6290

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06-08-2007 16:33:00

Does anyone know when the release date of this phone is supposed to be in North America? I know it's out in the UK since the first quarter of 2007...but how long would it take for the phone to make it over to here. )

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06-08-2007 17:15:34

If Google hasn't turned up a NA release date, then there probably isn't one. Phones routinely come and go in Europe and Asia that are never released in NA.


06-08-2007 18:49:45

Poopy. That phone looks really nice. Do you think Nokia will release a similar model of that phone in the U.S.? Kind of like what they did with the 6126 (Cingular) and the 6133 (T-Mobile), they're basically the same phone, a little bit of a different design...just two different service providers.

And also, if I bought it from the UK, would it function here in the U.S.?