DVD region codes on XBOX Elite & PS3

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04-08-2007 00:09:50

So my current DVD player plays all region DVDs because I hacked it. Reason being, the only DVDs I owned when I got the player were Spaced seasons 1 & 2, at that time not available except in UK format. Are either the Elite (shipping now) or the PS3 (12/13) region free? Is there a way to hack them? Is it possible to copy my DVDs and make them region free?

I don't want to play cheapo Asian knock-off movies, I just want to watch Spaced another 500 times and my DVD player is dying.

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04-08-2007 18:43:40

I doubt either console is region free.

Your best (and easiest) bet would be to copy the DVD's, removing all protections include region encoding. If they don't have the latest structured protections on them, just Google for DVD Decryptor, or better yet, RipIt4Me (which uses DVD Decryptor). Both are free tools that will let you rip and unprotect DVD's.


04-08-2007 22:38:38

+karma dmorris for the informative post


06-08-2007 17:16:22

Thanks dmorris68, copying with dvd region + css free using dvdshrink/nero did the trick.


06-08-2007 17:18:05

I believe HD-DVD is entirely region free.