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03-08-2007 18:24:31

I just got a Lexmark x73 printer/scanner/copier from someone on bartercycle, and they told me I would need to download the driver.

I went to, downloaded the driver, installed it, what?

It's a USB connection, and when I go to Control Panel->Printers and Faxes, there's nothing there but "Fax". I try to click on "Add Printer", and when my computer doesn't recognize a printer hooked up, I try to add it manually, but that model isn't on the list.

I've looked around the Lexmark troubleshooting, asked this question on Yahoo answers (after searching for an answer), and I still can't figure it out. Apparently I have no idea what I'm doing. roll oops

Any help is appreciated! D


03-08-2007 19:36:18

From the sound of it you downloaded the driver but not the setup utility that would have been on cd if bought new. The link below should have what you need, if you're running WinXP, as well as instructions for instalation.


If you're able you should uninstall the drivers you downloaded first.

Hope this helps,


03-08-2007 20:51:10

Thanks so much! My name is Brenon too! shock D


04-08-2007 01:38:19

Is your avatar Martin? If so, you have more in common with Ford. ;)

Never heard of Bartercycle, but heard of Freecycle, and I'm not too surprised someone parted with this x73. I also have this all in one and it's not the best I've owned. I still use it, though.

Here's some links that may help


I'd uninstall what you installed, disconnect the x73, run the clean utility listed under WinXP (follow the link above), install the driver (again, from the link above), then the patch, and reconnect.

That should avoid any issues. )


04-08-2007 09:58:33

Thanks Tholek! That's the page I visited when I first found the driver to install. In the OP I stated that I lithoughtli the Lexmark website wasn't very informative. I read all the links on there and I don't see any clean utility thing. I've already uninstalled, disconnected, and reinstalled, reconnected, uninstalled, disconnected, etc, etc...

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've got it to the point where I finally can select the Lexmark as my default printer. Now when I go to print, it says it can't make a connection with the printer, and to make sure I enabled bidirectional (? I hope thats the right word, it was on an error that I was getting and now I can't get it) connection.

I'm thinking of saying eff it and going to buy a new one for under $50. Thanks anyways guys, apparently, I'm just super printer illiterate... shock


04-08-2007 10:27:12

Do you have XP? When you click the "Windows XP" link, it shows three tabs Drivers, Patches and Utilities. They may help.

I haven't had the issue you're having with the x73, but I have had it with other printers, and unplugging the printer often resets it, and fixes the communication problem. To unplug and replug a printer may be pointless unless the printer is also restarted as well.

Just to be clear, are you plugging this directly into a PC USB port, or into a hub? Try plugging it directly into a PC USB jack if you haven't already.

If ford's link, or the others don't help, you may be better off with something new. However, unless the previous owner mentioned having the same issues with this printer on [i4676916aa0]their[/i4676916aa0] PC, I'm inclined to believe the problem is on the PC side, rather than the printer. You might experience this with a new printer too if it is.


04-08-2007 14:38:09

Wow I didn't see the 3 tabs oops Thanks again Tho', it worked wonderfully this time!! D D