SyncMaster 226BW/PS3 HELP

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02-08-2007 16:21:28

Hey everyone I have a Syncmaster226BW and I really want to get a PS3 but I do not have an HDTV. I was wondering if I could play my PS3 on my monitor. It does have a DVI import and I heard that it is HDMI compatible(wasnt a reliable source so I really do not know so please answer this as well lol).

Also what is the highest resolution I could get off this monitor while playing my PS3?

If I can play the PS3 on this monitor what all do I need to ensure the highest quality and gaming?

Anything and everything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the link to my monitor with the full specs.


any links you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!


02-08-2007 16:37:05

DVD and HDMI are video signal compatible, so a converter cable would work in theory. However the monitor won't be HDCP compliant so I'm pretty sure you can't play BluRay movies. Not sure about games.