TOSHIBA GigaBeat S30 (MES30VW) or 30GB Video Ipod? HELP!

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01-08-2007 23:00:07

I read several reviews on both the TOSHIBA GigaBeat S30 (MES30VW) and the Apple 30GB Video Ipod. Cnet rated the Toshiba at 8.3, and the Ipod at 8.0.

I just wanted to get some of your guys' opinions before I decide to buy one of them.

Also, anyone know where I can get it cheapest? I dont really mind if its used.

Thanks in advance.


02-08-2007 06:39:48

Personally I'd go with the iPod. They're just so ubiquitous, user friendly, and accessories are everywhere. Of course some folks don't like ubiquity and want to be different. I like most Toshiba products but don't have any opinion of the Gigabeat. I just love my iPods. )


02-08-2007 07:01:12

Ipods FTW


02-08-2007 08:08:08