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30-07-2007 09:09:15

I don't know if you can change the colors for your fonts other then the ones that are in the drop down but I seen this Tip you can also use color=#FF0000 and was confused cause I thought this meant somehow you could use more colors I was trying to figure it out on my own and getting mad so I thought I had better ask.


30-07-2007 09:38:14

edit nevermind


30-07-2007 10:41:05

It's a bit hard to decipher your post, but I assume you're talking about the font color selections in the post dialog. Yes, you can use the BBCode tag [b0633c87102][/b0633c87102] directly to set any hexadecimal RGB color value. You just need to know the hex value for the color you want.

[b0633c87102]For example, this line is using color #1364A7[/color0633c87102][/b0633c87102]


30-07-2007 11:03:08

how are you supposed to know what the code is for a specific color?


30-07-2007 11:30:53

[quotefa08b81a44="littlefish2"]how are you supposed to know what the code is for a specific color?[/quotefa08b81a44]
Web designers and programmers can figure them out in their head usually. If you don't fall into those categories, you probably needn't worry yourself too much about it -- the standard BBCode palette should be plenty. But if you're curious or just have to pick another color outside the BBCode palette, there are numerous color tools and references that will provide hex values.


Note that all of those list the primary web-safe colors, not every one of the 16.7M possible colors.

Now PLEASE refrain from colorizing posts. Like with most layout design, over-use of color is horrendously hard to read. Use color for bits of highlighting here and there, but let's not get carried away. If it were to become a problem I'd have to disable post colors altogether.


30-07-2007 11:40:30

the first two characters are red, second two are green, nd last two are blue. they go from 00 to FF, so just guess at what mix of colors will produce what you're looking for. so like a bright red might be FF0000 and a dark red would be maybe 550000. of course if you want to get an exact color there's programs, and probably webpages, that let you pick from a color wheel or other type of color picker.