Samsung DVD Drive not Working Properly

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28-07-2007 15:04:43

I recently built a new computer due to my old computer's motherboard frying and I kept some of the parts from the old computer.

The hard drives and the DVD rom are the only thing that came into the new pc.
The drive is SH-S182M. Basically on my new motherboard there is only one IDE slot connection and the rest are sata. I have one hard drive and the DVD drive hooked up to the IDE slot. The hard drive is set to master and the DVD is slave I guess.

If I have a drive in the computer when I boot up, my computer will recognize the disc without a problem. Once I take the disc out and put in another disc it will no longer recognize a new disc being put in the drive. The icon for the old disc still appears in My Computer over the DVD drive area.

Is my DVD drive broken or am I just doing something stupid?

Thanks for any help in advance.


28-07-2007 15:51:07

While it's never a good idea to chain an optical drive and a hard drive on the same PATA port, if you only have one port and two PATA devices you don't have much choice. Double-check that the jumpers are properly set for master & slave on both devices. Perhaps try cable select if you have a proper cable (one end split & twisted).

I have that exact same Samsung drive btw, but it's the only PATA device in the box and I've never had a problem with it.

I'd suggest since you have such a modern motherboard, you snag a new SATA HD and relegate that one to an external USB enclosure or another PC.


28-07-2007 16:31:08

Well I have 4 Sata drives in my computer as it is right now. The IDE hard drive isn't the primary drive. I also tried unhooking the IDE drive and just booting with the dvd drive and the problem still existed. I didn't unhook the IDE cable from the hard drive though, just the power, so I guess I will have to try that.

Also, when I turn my PC on, the drive is listed as a DVD Drive, once I open the drive it changes to DVD RAM Drive.