need help on how to create new header.

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21-07-2007 20:33:22

In advance, just wanted to say thanks to anyone who is able to help out at all. It's very much appreciated!

For the sports site, I want a header similar to the one shown on my promos site. You can check the header at
The only thing I would like to change is the text.

The problem is that the person who did the promos header for me does not have the red gradient he used saved.

Does anyone know how I can change the text while retaining the background color?


22-07-2007 06:11:09

Yeah, it should be in the header file, whatever the filename is called, then just change the text.


22-07-2007 10:18:32

I have the actual header saved on my hard drive. The problem is that when I go to cut out the existing text, paint leaves a white area of the cut part.


22-07-2007 11:51:08

Get a better graphics program ;)


22-07-2007 12:16:10

You can't use Paint for something like that. You need a real image editng program that supports layers. I'm a huge fan of The Gimp, but the learning curve is a bit steep. Paint.NET is free and really what Paint should have been, it supports layers .

Your gradient would be one layer, the graphic another, and the text yet another. Then you can change whatever and export to your desired file format. Keep the original layered version separately to use to create future graphics with different text or whatever.

I took your header and removed the text in Gimp. Right-click and Save Image As... and there you go. It's not ideal but will let you add your text with Paint for the time being. I'd recommend you get and learn how to use a better graphics app for stuff like this.

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