Printing troubles with my mac, PLEASE HELP!!!

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20-07-2007 14:02:37

I have bought this http//

Every single computer works with this. I can print on any networked computer but the mac. I cannot for the life of me get things to print. On the xp computers all I had to do was give this path, \\PU-0FE2AB\P1, and everything worked fine. I cannot find a place on this mac to do it. Right now I had it up to here with this mac. Please help!


20-07-2007 23:00:16

Ok, I'm really not sure if this will answer your question, but this tells how to set a printer on a Mac. I haven't hooked up any network printers on a Mac, though, so I can't verify it.



21-07-2007 06:16:02

hey thanks for trying to help. that's for printers that are on a windows computer and you want to share them with a mac. my printer is on the network.


21-07-2007 18:29:35

Oh, sorry about that. I thought it wasn't the right thing...but worth a shot. Here's another one that might be more helpful (possibly) http//


23-07-2007 17:48:14

still no cigar, come on guys i know some of you have macs help me out!


25-07-2007 08:30:40

anyone? not even dmorris? lol


25-07-2007 08:35:51

Never set up a printer on a Mac, or I'd try to help.


25-07-2007 09:40:40


try that.


06-08-2007 18:55:31

Hey Powerbook, Darthwaiter here,

I work on a Mac as well. You've probably solved the problem by now, but if not, on your dock select system preferences. Then click the printer/fax icon.
Next pick your printer model from the drop-down menu. If that doesn't solve the problem, go back to printer/fax icon and click on the printer help menu, which should give any additional help you may need. If you have any more questions on Macs, I know of a lot of sites for help. Send me a PM.



08-08-2007 15:29:33

hey still having these troubles, i tried aiming you.


09-08-2007 00:30:19

Hey powerbook, Darthwaiter here,
I got this off the web,without knowing the specifics, it sounds like your problem, hope it helps

04-24-2006, 1211 PM
Your life will be much easier if you bypass the automatic mechanisms, and just manually find out the printers' IP addresses, then enter them into Printer Setup Utility. Adding a printer to your printer list in Mac OS X (http//

You can get the printers' IP addresses from any competent system administrator on your network, or else there is usually a way at the printer itself. For example, if the printers are HPs, with JetDirect cards, there is usually a "Test" button on the JetDirect box, which when pushed prints out a large amount of diagnostic information. One piece of that diagnostic information is the printer's IP address.

04-24-2006, 0306 PM
also....... once you know the printers IP.... type it into your web browser and it will connect to the printer and allow you to do various things, install drivers, check toner levels, stops jobs.... even give your print jobs priority over everyone else!

what printer is it?
04-24-2006, 1103 PM
Back to figuring out the printer's IP address... if the admin hasn't disabled the setup menu function at the printer itself, you can usually wade through the menus to find the "print diagnostic page" or "setup network address" item that will reveal the IP address to yo


09-08-2007 06:02:38

it is an hp psc 950xi. i am trying to locate the ip somehow. xp was so much easier. i type in // and the name and boom.