ADD/REmove not working!

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18-07-2007 20:16:05

My boyfriend installed a printshop pro on my computer which has eaten all of my memory... I have tried to remove it and only like 10 things show up on there and none have add or remove option and they use to... My computer now says my virtual memory is low>? HELP!


19-07-2007 06:41:32

Doesn't it have its own uninstall file? Assuming you are using Windows, it should be in Start>Programs> and then whatever the folder is. Also, was it a real copy, or a copy that was ... less than legal? I only ask because if it was the latter, then it is possible that it contained a virus which is causing the problem ... even if it was legit, though, it still sounds like it could be a virus.


19-07-2007 13:03:59

It was legal... it was illegal how much he spent on it! LOL! Well I can't add remove ANY thing on my computer since downloding it... Tried disk cleanup, defrag, cookies, and temp files and still nothing... any suggestions from there?


19-07-2007 13:07:07

I had this issue with an app today at work...

Try to download MS Uninstall Clean up tool

Increase your Virtual that