I'm getting an HDTV, help/suggestions?

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16-07-2007 12:09:28

Hey, I'm trying to get a relatively cheap HDTV to play PS3 on. I've been looking on newegg for LCDs... I'm looking primarily for a TV, but being able to use it as a monitor would also be nice. For size, I'm looking for something between 20-30 inches, not much bigger(only have about 39 inch max wall space). I live in the US, if that matters. Also, price is an issue(I'm a poor college student) - but I'm not the kinda person that would just buy the cheapest thing available. I just had a few questions I guess.

-What resolutions should I be looking for? 720p and 1080i, right? I know 1080p usually only comes on the really big TVs.
-The bigger the contrast ratio, the better? Most of the LCDs I was looking at had ratios of 16001, is that good?
-For refresh rate, is 8MS good? I know lower is better, but I don't know how low I should be looking.
-Any other specs I should be looking for?
-Is it worth it to get a LCD with a tuner card? Can you buy one seperately? I'm mainly just looking to game, but its something worth noting.
-I'm looking for HDMI, right? To plug the PS3 into a HDMI port, I need a special cable? Also, what is HDCP?

Here were a few I was looking at, any of them good buys(I know a lot of them are recertified)?
http//www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16889112008 (contrast ratio is kinda meh)

Also, I hadn't really considered getting a monitor and then just buying seperate speakers until someone on a different site mentioned it. Would anyone recommend this option? I was recommended this monitor by someone else
Samsung 22" SyncMaster[=http//www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8260516&st=Samsung+SyncMaster+226BW&type=product&id=1170289357904]Samsung 22" SyncMaster


17-07-2007 11:31:22

Picking out an HDTV is definitely a daunting task. There are so many factors that make a good HDTV really good and also make some HDTVs fairly poor.

Obviously with your size requirements, you're going to be getting an LCD flat panel, or you can also get a tube HDTV if you're not planning on wall-mounting it.

With a TV that size, 720p/1080i really is the highest you will get (which is high enough... 1080p at anything really under 40" will not be discernable from 1080i or even 720p).

You're correct about contrast ratios. The bigger the better. 50001 is much better than 15001. But beware, because there is no universal guidelines for tv manufacturer's to abide by when measuring their contrast ratios, so these numbers are skewed, and usually dynamic. Static contrast ratios (or real world CRs) are more reliable numbers to go by, not dynamic.

A refresh rate of 8ms is decent. There are some TVs with as low as 2ms. Really, unless you're playing a really fast paced game, or watching a very fast scene on TV, you won't notice any blurring or artifacting with a RR of 8ms. I'd avoid anything over 12-16ms though.

Other specs you should look for are TVs with integrated Tuners in them (these might cost a little more, but are very handy if you don't want to pay for cable and/or HD programming). Also, I'd get one with at least one HDMI imput, especially if you're going to use it with the PS3. Most HDTVs nowadays have at least one HMDI and one Component (if not more), but some only have component.

HDCP stands for High Definition Copy Protocol. Without getting TOO technical and too fancy, certain video devices are HDCP encrypted (mostly computer monitors) and your HD sources will not play on them. You want to make sure whatever TV/monitor you buy is "HDCP compatible/capable". But pretty much any TV you buy today will be so.

If you decide on buying a Monitor instead (which can be a little cheaper), MAKE SURE it is HDCP compatible! Here's a website that has an updated list on monitors that ARE


In terms of specific manufacturers, the big names that are known for their superb LCD TVs are Sony, Samsung and Sharp. The middle-ranged ones that still put out decent HDTVs are Olevia, Vizio and Westinghouse.

It might do you good to go to the AVS Forum and search around there. It's a great community with some very knowledgable people. There are specs and reviews on pretty much ANY and EVERY HDTV over there. You can also check out www.cnet.com. They give very good reviews on any and all electronic products. Search specific model numbers and do research before making your final decision.

Good luck and I hope this helped! ;)


17-07-2007 18:48:02

I think with the monitor option, you still have to buy something that allows you to hook something up to it, like a PS3.


18-07-2007 07:10:29

[quote2c484745a2="AMoore913"]I think with the monitor option, you still have to buy something that allows you to hook something up to it, like a PS3.[/quote2c484745a2]

The monitor, if it is HDCP compatible, will not need anything extra. You just need to either buy an HDMI to DVI cable (about $7 at monoprice.com) or, if the monitor you buy has Component inputs (which a lot do), then you just need the PS3 dedicated Component cable (about $10-$25 depending on where you buy it).

You should be good to go after that.


27-07-2007 20:37:17

I have the Samsung Syncmaster 225BW (thank you yourfreeflatscreen) and I love the thing. It's fantastic.

Hey jeagle82, you seem to know lots about this. I'll probably hit you up for some info. We currently have a 21" coaxial ancient thing that limightli be a TV (note that it's smaller than my monitor!). Due to it being coax, we have to use an RF modulator to watch DVDs or use the Wii. Unfortunately for some reason anything running through the RFM turns out very WHITE. I'm on level 7 of Super Paper Mario and I keep falling off the clouds because I can't frickin' see.

Soooo...with a status of "shipping soon" on 360elite4free and 11 refs on yourps34free, it's time for a new TV! We're looking to spend about 1400 Canadian and get something medium-big (32-40). Our living room is very long so tube would be fine. We don't plan to move anytime soon. We don't have cable so anything tv-show-related doesn't concern us, we just want it for movies and games. Brand names to avoid or go with? LCD/Plasma/Rear Projection?

http//icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/2001154045562051769_rs.jpg[" alt=""/img726dcf81ff]


27-07-2007 20:43:38


37" vizio lcd (refurbished) for $500... good deal


27-07-2007 21:48:11

Hey JennyWren,

Haha, sounds like you definitely need to upgrade the TV! It doesn't even have a simple composite input (Red, White, Yellow)??? Wow, it must be from the early 80's or even older! lol.

Anyways, go to this topic


In there is a lot of good info from, me, dmorris and some other members. Trying to avoid having too many TV topics. But, if you still dont' find enough help in that topic, then you can definitely PM, AIM, or YIM me and I can help you with whatever you need! I love talking about HDTV technology!

www.cnet.com is your best friend... they have extensive reviews on any and all HDTVs that are out on the market, as well as user reviews and price ranges with links to online shops. It's a great resource for anything electronic!