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14-07-2007 16:39:04

Is there a way to get music off of a zune on a different computer. I have a computer and a laptop, and I can't get the music on both. I have different music on each computer and on the zune so I want to get all of it in one place.

I know there is a way to do this with programs with the ipod, can you do this with the zune?


14-07-2007 17:03:37

I don't think so, that's one of the major problems I have with the Zune, you can't play music off the Zune as you can on the Ipod, if someone knows a way please let me know.


14-07-2007 17:22:43

I found it for ya. D



14-07-2007 23:51:37

WD-40, a spatula and some patience.

Regardless of the situation it walways works wonders fro me.


15-07-2007 13:52:16

thanks for looking, but that only works if it's the computer you originally used your zune on.


15-07-2007 18:46:20


After applying the patch, you will be able to access your library on the other computer.

Also, you may be interested in this


Say goodbye to Marketplace DRM and the 3days/3plays WiFi share rule.

... and to think of what new Zune customers can do with this program and the Free Zune Marketplace "All You Can Eat" trial http//[" alt=""/imgff217c8ec5]

(Of course, I don't condone such behavior, but it is useful if you bought the song on Marketplace and want to play it on another device).


16-07-2007 00:40:56

Awesome, thanks! That is really really helpful. +Karma

Do you know where to get "Fairuse Commander" so I can get rid of the prefixes?