Salvaging old computer...

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13-07-2007 07:41:26

I was just wondering if it's a better idea to buy a new computer or to just buy new parts like motherboard and processor... etc.

When added up, it does cost less, but is it a good idea or not? My computer that I want to salvage is about 5 yrs. old....


13-07-2007 07:55:58

Depends on the person. For PC techie types, absolutely. I've been building and upgrading PC's for about 20 years now, and haven't personally bought an off-the-shelf desktop in at least 15 years. I'd never buy an off-the-shelf PC for me or my household, but I do recommend them for others that aren't comfortable with handling the hardware. And for those that I don't want to be PC support for. ;)


13-07-2007 09:18:38

Thanks for the advice! I know a good bit about computers and all, so I'll be fine.

I guess I'll just go a bit at a time...

Another question.

Can you just buy osx and install it on any computer?


13-07-2007 10:53:28

No, OSX is not available for sale for anything other than Apple hardware. It uses the TPM module in the hardware to prevent installation on other PC's.

There are some ways to hack OSX to run on other Intel/AMD PC's, but it's technically shaky ground and possibly illegal even if you pay for OSX (as it's a violation of their EULA I'm sure).