How to ripe a dvd into an mp4 player? Kinda urgent

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10-07-2007 09:27:04

So i got 2 mp4's the other day, and put some music on. now i would LOVE to play my fav. movies on them, besides amazing my friends with it lol. so how do i convert the dvd into the mp4?

they come with an avi converter, to shrink the size of the video, but i cannot even download aka ripe the dvd on the computer. help? i tried some programs which don't really work...


10-07-2007 10:37:51

You have to put the DVD in a brown bag and let it sit for a while.


10-07-2007 13:18:35

All your video ripping and transcoding questions can be answered at or

My personal recommendations rip with RipIt4Me and transcode with Nero Recode (if you have the Nero Suite) or Super, which is free.



10-07-2007 20:07:35

sorry for asking....


10-07-2007 23:08:13

Part of the problem is your grammar which makes it difficult for anyone to understand exactly what you're asking for. Instead of "How to ripe a dvd into an mp4 player?", it would have been more clear as "How to rip a DVD and convert to mp4 format?". Or something along those lines. Not to mention ripping/converting has been brought up many times in this forum and can easily be answered with a simple Google search.

Edit Also, there's no such thing as an "mp4." It's mp4 [ie5e09da7d9]format[/ie5e09da7d9]. Maybe if you also included the device you are trying to play these videos on, that would also help.


14-07-2007 10:19:21

is it one of those japanese mp4 players?

easiest thing is to go to ares and download a software that converts the files, then transfer that file into your avi converter which will format the file to the correct size

lii used to have one before i got my ipod 30gig about 2 years ago


14-07-2007 19:47:11

Prices are coming down on these. I think I saw one for around $30-$40 @ CUSA recently. Of course that could've been some kind of clearance considering their situation.