When I call someone I hear music...

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09-07-2007 12:48:19

Say I call your cell phone...instead of the normal ringing I would usally hear, I hear music!! HOW DO I DO THAT


09-07-2007 13:04:35

Called a Ringback tone, I think - I think it's a VZW specific feature.


09-07-2007 13:08:47

On T-Mobile they're called caller tunes. 1.49 a month + u buy whatever songs u want. I think most companies have them.


09-07-2007 13:18:51

hrmmm...figures..you have to pay for it. I'll pass


13-07-2007 09:48:47

I decided to do this...only 99cents a month and it was 1.99 for a song for a year. so total cost to try it out is 3 bucks, I like it

get it shawty get it shawty ;)