Acomdata hard drives? Other suggestions?

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08-07-2007 14:41:48

I've been shopping for an external hard drive now that my Iomega has crapped out. I didn't do my research so I guess I deserved it. I can access my music but not my programs so maybe I can salvage a little bit.

Anyway, is there anything wrong with Acomdata? This one in particular


Firewire and 500 GB sound good to me and the price seems fair. Anyone have any suggestions or hot deals? 8) +KMA


08-07-2007 21:20:08

It's a fair price for a Firewire drive I guess, but I prefer to build my own. They all use standard interfaces with standard HDD's so there's not a lot of difference between them other than case construction (some are flimsy, some are sturdy, some are flashy, etc.).

I just bought a 500GB WD 16MB cache drive in an eSATA/USB enclosure for $128 shipped. eSATA pwns them all, as it will run at the same speed as an internal SATA drive. I don't know if eSATA is an option on many Mac's though (you did say you had a Mac, didn't you?).


09-07-2007 00:04:32

Building my own might not be something I would want to do though, not too good at that, hah. I was hoping to hear some nightmare stories. I might just be safe and buy a MyBook...